About Revitalized Body

I am Bobbi Mattson, Certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Nutritional Coach with Isagenix International. I offer coaching and nutritional cleansing services for individuals and groups through my business, Revitalized Body. View Isagenix

In my own life, I have experienced many challenges and transitions. My life experiences have made me aware of the importance of having an objective, non-judgmental, trained professional to gain a clearer vision of where we are in life and where we ultimately want to be. My calling in life is to help my clients bring balance into their lives.  I will work with you to gain optimal health, happiness, and true enjoyment of all aspects of your life. View Isagenix

My primary focus is to assist my clients to take charge of their health and the wealth.  I help my clients set better goals and then reach those goals.  In our sessions, we focus on the present circumstances of the client.  This helps the client clarify what is and is not working in their life.  Once the client sets his
or her personal and professional goals, I provide the tools, support, and structure to help the client transform his or her life. View Isagenix

My coaching will help you to accept a new perspective about yourself. The new you will have :
  • Increased self-esteem
  • The ability to be more accepting of change in your life
  • A greater understanding about prioritizing your goals
  • The confidence to free yourself of self-limiting beliefs
  • The knowledge that optimal health and goal achievement go hand-in-hand



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Certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Nutritional Coach
Isagenix International